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NES Education College, Jabalpur

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NES Education College
Hathital Road, Gorakhpur
Jabalpur (M.P.)
Ph . 0761-4071255
Mo. +91 94251-55703
Mission :-
  1. To help those students who are indeed seeking guidance for career development.
  2. To assist student in their “learning teaching process”.
  3. To impart cost-effective quality education in the society.
  4. To create an academic atmosphere in the campus.
  5. To generate the healthiest environment of teachers training programme – (TTP).
  6. To develop and foster congenial climate of discipline and character formation.
  7. To motivate our clientele for building a well-balanced personality.
  8. To constitute an educated and prosperous society.
Vission :-
  1. To create a fearless society through quality education.
  2. To prepare a complete and fruitful man for society and nation through an excellent education.
  3. To enable every student to be a self – dependent entity.
  4. To constitute a good society by producing educationally advanced people.
  5. To Motivate every student for leading a harmonious and a flourishing life.
  6. To prepare every student for leading a knowledgeable life.
  7. We are, as a matter of fact, determined to make a pious institution by our academic
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